Terry's "Want To Buy" List

Last Modified: 5 May 2012, 10:21am EDT (GMT -0400)


As with most good ideas, this one was blatantly ripped off (this time from my friend and co-worker Dan Noland, who in turn stole it from our friend Dan Aiello). There are many times I find myself saying, "Hey, you know, I should totally buy that..." and then ten minutes later I forget about it. This page is my attempt to keep that behavior in check. If I make a note of something I want here, the odds increase dramatically that I'll rememeber it sometime in the future when I have the funds to purchase it.

Note to kind souls who would use this to buy me something

That's awesome! Thanks! It's important for me to note that there will rarely be any order to the items added; I will add to this list as things occur to me. For items over $100 please contact me before purchasing. Some of the things on this list are things I wouldn't even consider letting other people purchase for me (see the "Vacations" and "Vehicles" sections for examples).

The List

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